Glass Pens


Q: “Have you ever tried a Glass Pen?”

A: “A What?”

Q: “A Glass Pen! It’s a pen made entirely of glass, so it’s basically like a piece of sculpture that actually functions!”

A: “It actually works?”

Q: “Yup!  You just dip it in ink, which fill the 8 reservoirs spiraling up the tip, and then you can write for almost a full page without needing to re-dip…. When you’re done, you just rinse it off in water! Easy!”

A: **tries the pen**  “OMG.  Mind Blown.”


If you’ve ever met Artisan Janelle Tyler in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, chances are you’ve had a conversation much like this one.  Nearly every person who takes Janelle up on the offer to try one of her handmade, one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted glass pens leaves with either a smile, a new glass pen, or both.

Each pen is unique and is graded by Janelle during the finishing process.  Many sport at least one of her inventive little modifications that was thought of in response to a customer’s observation of how a certain handle felt in the hand, or what they really appreciated about how it felt on the page.

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Want to see Janelle make a pen? See this YouTube Video!