You can most easily shop for GypsyRoad Products by going to our Etsy Shop.

The shop is currently all sold out!  Janelle is working hard this week to make sure that she can start replenishing the shop this Friday, June 9th, 2017.

If you are really antsy and need to place an order RIGHT NOW, you can read the information below and place a custom order at the Etsy Shop, just press the “Custom Order” button and let us know what you would like.

Since many of you may have seen the“How to Make Glass Pens” YouTube Video by StereoKroma, here are some F.A.Q.’s  about GypsyRoad’s Glass Pens (and the info you would need to generally know in order to place a custom order):


Clear Glass Pens are $42 CAD

Colour Glass Pens are $60 CAD

Each pen comes with 5ml of an ink of your choice.

Writing Tips:

The function of each pen is very important to us here at GypsyRoad, so you have quite a lot of options when it comes to the type of tip you can order on a pen.

Ultra Fine: Best for Architects, engineers and other “technical” writers.  Too fine for everyday use.

Fine: Best for the type of writer who writes or prints very small.  Or simply anyone who prefers a finer pen.  Will not be suitable for signatures and large, fast, loopy, writing.

Medium Fine: Best size tip for a gift or for all purpose-everything.  Can keep up with large signatures and still be legible when writing is quite small.

Medium Bold: Best size for a Wedding Gift.  The happy couple will find it easy to sign their names on the registry, and will be able to use it for place-names before the wedding and thank-you notes after the big day.  Not recommended for the guest book… there are simply too many variables with 100+ people using the pen in a hurried and unsupervised way.

Bold:  Best for those signing their name over and over and over.  Smaller writing will not really be legible.

***Variable***:  This is Artisan Janelle’s proprietary modification….. ! It almost deserves it’s own page!  Basically, it’s the tip most recommended for artists and least recommended for journaling and letter writing.  The variable tip produces an extremely bold line, an extremely fine line, and a fairly medium line, depending on which way you turn the pen.


The handle is where the art comes in!  The sky’s the limit!!!  Handles can be:

-plain -non-rolling- decorative – colour* swirling inside – colour* on outside – light- heavy – long – short – barrel grip – triangular grip … etc. etc. etc.

These are just some general key descriptions one might use to describe a handle they might prefer….

Just as you would not expect a painter to predict exactly what they might paint, it is difficult for Artisan Janelle to predict what she might make during the course of a glass-pen making session….  If you are placing a custom order, you can simply say “Decorative Clear Handle” or perhaps “Colour Handle with blue and white swirling inside” and she’ll do her  best to make something you’ll love.

*Fun Fact: “colour” is the British, and Canadian spelling of the word.  The “u” was dropped from American English after the American Revolution to emphasize the fact that Americans spoke English, but were not English.  Since Artisan Janelle is Canadian, she spells it as she does. 🙂